10 Apartments within Walking Distance to Bukit Chagar Rapid Transit System (RTS) Station

Bukit Chagar RTS station is under construction, and it is expected to fully operation in 2027. Many Malaysian and Singaporean have put their eyes on the properties within walking distance to the RTS station in Bukit Chagar. I have complied a list of high rise residential properties within 15 minutes walking distance to the RTS station and Sultan Iskandar CIQ Complex.

The project of Johor Bahru–Singapore Rapid Transit System is using Light rapid Transit system and with 8 four-car trainsets. There will be 6 doors per car with 3 doors at each side. The RTS Link is a cross-border transit between Bukit Chagar and Woodlands North. The travelling will cross a high-bridge build on the Strait of Johor with a 1.1 km tunnel and overhead bridge.

According to operator, RTS Link is estimated with the capacity of 10,000 passengers per hour in one direction. In Bukit Chagar, passengers are expected to clear immigration within 5-mins. Thereafter, there will be another 5-mins waiting times and 5-mins travelling time to the next station. Thereafter, passengers are expected to spend 5-mins to leave the final station. The total times taken will be around 20-mins.

TriTower Residence – 5-min Walk to RTS and CIQ Complex

TriTower Residence is a freehold serviced apartment located in Bukit Chagar. In total, there are 360 units. It consists of two residential towers and a tower occupied by Capri by Fraser Hotel & Residences.

Twin Tower Residence – 5-min Walk to RTS and CIQ Complex

Twin Tower Residence is located next to the Tri-Tower Residence. It consists of two residential towers. In total, there are 459 serviced apartments.

Suasana Iskandar & Coronation Residence – 7-min Walk to CIQ Complex

Suasana Iskandar is a serviced apartment located at Jalan Trus and Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Suasana is integrated with serviced residences, retail hub and a hotel (know as Amari Hotel). On the other hand, Coronation Residence is an under-construction residential tower located at Jalan Trus. There is a proposed 300m link bridge connecting to RTS Station.

SKS Pavillion Residences – 11-min Walk to CIQ Complex

SKS Pavillion Residences consist of two residential towers. In total, there are 598 units serviced apartments. SKS Pavillion residences is located 600m away from the future RTS station with 6-min walk. It also takes around 10-11 mins to walk from SKS Pavillion Residence to CIQ.

R&F Princess Cove – 7-min Walk to CIQ Complex

R&F Princess Cove is a mixed development located at Tanjung Puteri. Phase 1 residence is built on a shopping mall and it is connected with the 650m covered linked bridge to JBCC and CIQ. It may take another few minutes to reach upcoming RTS station.

Meldrum Heights -13-15 min Walk to CIQ Complex

Meldrum Heights is an under-construction serviced apartment located at Jalan Meldrum. There are 251 serviced apartment units. It takes only 5-min walk from Meldrum Heights to R&F Princess Cove link bridge and then it takes around 7 minutes to reach CIQ.

V @ Summerplace, SKS Habitat and Skysuites – 13-15 min to CIQ Complex

V @ Summerplace, SKS Habitat and Skysuites are the serviced apartments located at (or near) Jalan Tenteram. It takes around 13-15 min to walk from the apartments to CIQ. It will take few more minutes to walk to future RTS station.

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