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10 Apartments within Walking Distance to Bukit Chagar Rapid Transit System (RTS) Station

Bukit Chagar RTS station is under construction, and it is expected to fully operation in 2027. Many Malaysian and Singaporean have put their eyes on the properties within walking distance to the RTS station in Bukit Chagar. I have complied a list of high rise residential properties within 15 minutes walking distance to the RTS station and Sultan Iskandar…

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Capital Growth in Property Investment

Capital Growth is likely the most important strategy for property investors. The investors hope that their properties could increase in value or price in coming years. High inflation is normally regarded as the main factor causing price surge in the property market. The conventional wisdom told us that a good investment property should be able to increase its value…

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Rental Yield for Investors in Investment Property

In property investment, investors tend to use the property to generate cash flow for their investment portfolio. Such a cash flow are usually come in the form on rental. Therefore, it is important to identify the potential of a property in generating “cash” to investors. How to Use Rental Yield to Analyze an Investment Property Traditionally, many property investors…

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